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In this website I have just one ancestry tree and many descendant trees (click on gray cells in ascendants tree)

An ancestry tree is basically all the blood relatives that have contributed to you being here e.g. mums and dads grand parents only (N.B. if you go back only 9 generation over 1000 people have made you!!!!)

My Ascendants tree explained;
The number of people in the first row relates to the total number of people in that generation (Column)
The 2nd row totals the cumulative number of blood relatives who have been involved in creating the "kids". 

Descendants tree explained;
Once you get to the top (or this case, the right hand side) of the tree (oldest person). Then you work back down to understand, "who did they make?", which will include siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles.

I will be compiling the descendants trees over a period of time and attaching relevant photos as well, you will be able to access these by clicking on relevant gray cells in the ancestor tree

Useful sites for research:

1881 Census:
Births Marriages and deaths:
Acenestry.co.uk (subscription required)

Order certificates (cú7 a cert):
Genes reunited (S Albery 1970):

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