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  Lost Souls (1990)

My second, and last, horror video I made again with Alan, Errol, with new comers Spencer, Lee B, Lee C, and Gavin. The plot involved an escaped mental patient who liked to put on a mask and then kill people one by one. 

Production notes: 
There was a shooting script but no dialogue script hence awful conversations like "
Where you heading?... Dartford way !... Where you from?...  London way!
Bexley Mental home (for opening scenes) and Dartford West Hill Hospital for deserted mansion exterior and interior. Alan's parents house for the interior Dr McErrall ("Oh Sh*t" scene with Lee). N.B. for that scene we only had one white Dr's coat (owned by Carol), so if you look carefully, Lee and myself are never both in the same shot.
No promotional material with this one, but there was a "Making of doc.." on location at Dartford hospital, made by my mate Peter.

1) Me (Dr McErral) exiting Bexley M.H.
2) Spencer hitch-hiking "Dartford way!" scene

3) Lee B has spotted something in a bush?
4) Errol relaxing before the mayhem begins

5) Alan wakes to find something is not quite right
6) Spencer try's to reach knife

7) What's in the bag?
8) Oh yes... Errol's head !

9) Alan looking bunker for Lee B
10) Alan is chased back to the

13) Alan bonnet surfing
14) Alan performing MOT test on winder screen wipers

11) Safe inside? No not really
12) Alan is the only one left, and has a go

15) The "Oh sh*t" scene, beautifully delivered by Lee C
16) So who was the nutter? just sit through 40 minutes of this tele-visual feast to find out... or just give me a call!