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Rogate day trip 10 March 2009

My dad, brother and I ventured down to Rogate to see where Henry and his ancestors lived in West Sussex and took the opportunity of taking some photos.

First we went to Rogate Church (seen here at the crossroads in Rogate village on the A242)

and met up with Church Warden Nick Beecheno who kindly showed us the burial register from 1860s which included Henry's immediate family. 

If you click on the links below it will take you to the register !

Elizabeth Albury (d 14/11/1867) was the last person buried in the graveyard by the church, all the people buried after her were buried in the new graveyard over the road. The other records are;

Unfortunately the headstones have been cleared away c1950s and some have been used as a retaining wall by the church. There are no records available to show the burial locations.

In the church was memorial (below) by Colonel Charles Wyndham (1796-1866). He owned Rogate Lodge at the time Henry (aged 14) worked there as stable boy (see census 1861) and is likely to become a coachman who could have taken the Colonel to London. 

This may explain why Henry ended up near Woolwich as he may have traveled there with Col Wyndham. The Colonel  died 1866, most of Henry's family had died around that time also, this could well have been the incentive to move away. 

The Colonel also paid for a school 1841 in Sandy Lane, which Henry may have attended.

We had a look around the church with Nick who kindly explained the features that had changed over the years.



Then we went a paid a visit to Rogate Lodge to have a look at the stables where Henry once worked. 

The main building had been rebuilt on the same site as the original house, all set in beautiful woodland.


We then drove then back down to the village and went to the White Horse pub, which is straight opposite the church, Henry must have popped in there to have drink 150 years ago, the pub's name is still the same (see map)

After our lunch we headed off St Peters Church, Terwick  (pronounced Tair-rick), which is a very small church in the middle of nowhere. It is known as "The church in the Field". It is c1mile East of Rogate towards Easebourne (pronounced Es-Born).


Inside the church, by the font, is a list of all the baptisms and it appears a lot of Albery's were baptised there and this is where Henry's parents John and Harriet were married in 1842. Both of them were buried at Rogate church


I took some video of inside the church

and some more pictures of the very small, simple little church.

So we had a great day, it was getting late so we headed of home back down the A242, which I recommend as it is a great drive back, I'll have to visit Easebourne next!

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