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Henry Albery, a life... 1845 to 1899

Henry has intrigued me as he is the one who made the big move up from Rogate to Plumstead, so here is a chronological account of Henry's life, There are links to various source documents, maps and pictures

2 Nov 1845 Henry was born in Rogate, West Sussex, England, over 160 years ago. His parents were John (aged tba) and Harriet nee Hersey (aged tba). Henry's birth was registered on the 4 Dec 1845.

16 March 1850, Richard Albery (Henry's Grandad) dies aged 81 (connection to be confirmed)

1851 aged 5 Henry lived with his parent in small village next to Rogate called Fyning, he lived there with his parents and siblings.

1861 aged 14 Henry, was a servant at Rogate Lodge as a stable boy, he lived with other servants and head of the household was the butler. See the census return for details

So when and why did Henry move north to the outskirts of London some 80 miles? Could it have been the recent deaths in his family in Rogate?

13 Jun 1867, Ann Albury (Henry's 2nd eldest sister) was buried in Rogate aged only 15
14 Nov 1867
, Elizabeth Alberry (Henry's eldest sister) was buried in Rogate aged only 19
12 Apr 1868,
John Albury (Henry's dad) died just 46, the death certificate states that George Albery (Henry's Brother) was present at John's death and John was a Gardener

Still unsolved is how did he meet Susan Groombridge, who was born in Croydon?

1870 aged 23, Henry got married to Susan Groombridge on the 24 May at Plumstead church, his occupation was a coachman

1871 aged 24, he lived in Burrage? Grove, Plumstead with Susan, his occupation was still a coachman. See the census return for further details

27 Jan 1872, Sidney Edward was born, their first son (also my direct ancestor).
4 Jan 1874, Henry William was born
1877, Susan Harriet was born
1880, Elizabeth was born 

1881 aged 34, the young family now lived at 90 Maxey road, where generations after them also lived. The census return shows Henry's age as 36

1882, Amos Groombridge was born
John Frederick was born
Gertrude Hilda was born
, William Arthur was born

1891 aged 45, the family had grown and census return shows that they all still lived in 90 Maxey Rd.

25 Dec 1896, Sidney got married, and on the wedding certificate it states Henry's occupation was an engineer, probably at the Woolwich Arsenal

16 Apr 1899, aged 54, Henry died at home from TB, S Albery (Susan, his daughter) was "present at death", his occupation was recorded as "Arsenal Laborer" and the death was registered on the 19 Apr

For more information on Rogate, see my day trip to Rogate page

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